What are the Causes Of Herniated Discs And What Are The Prevention Measures?

What is a herniated disc? A herniated disc is a condition that is caused by a number of reasons but all of them are as a result of the intervertebral disc pushing out or bulging or even rupturing.  The intervertebral disc starts to consume more room than it requires which makes the outer layer of the disc begin weakening creating the herniated or bulging disc.  Some of the major causes of a herniated disc include;

  • Wear and tear of the spine

One of the common causes of a herniated disc is the wearing and tearing of the spine which is also referred to as the degeneration of the spine.  The back carries and distributes our weight while the intervertebral discs are uniquely made to absorb the shock that is produced from the movement we make.  Since the discs work very hard in helping in the movement they begin to wear out over time.  do you do the wear and tear of the spine the outer layer of the discs begin to weaken making the inner layer push through causing a herniated disc.

  • Injury

Injuries have also been known to cause a herniated disc.  During a car accident for instance your disc can herniate due to the sudden jerking movement that puts excessive pressure on your disc.  Also herniated discs can also result from injuries that are caused by lifting heavy objects incorrectly or twisting your body extremely.

  • Body injury and spine degeneration

In case your intervertebral discs have already weakened as a result of the wear and tear of the spine or the degeneration you are prone to getting a herniated disc especially after experiencing a traumatic event.  Also, if your disc is already weekend you can get a herniated disc even when you experience an event that is not traumatic.  For instance you could get a herniated disc as a result of sneezing. Sneezing is not something you could call a traumatic event that could cause injury. However with the already weak disc the force produced during the sneeze causes a herniated disc.

What Are Some Ways Of Preventing A Herniated Disc?

It is always important to learn how you can prevent a condition since experiencing it can be traumatic and would hinder you from attending your daily activities.  Although it can be challenging to prevent herniated discs there are several ways that you can reduce the risk of getting a herniated disc.  Some of these ways include;

  • Using the right lifting techniques

 When it comes to lifting heavy objects it is important for you to learn how to read them properly without causing injury to your spine or the discs.  For instance you should avoid bending at the waist but instead bed the knees but keep the back straight.

  •  Maintain healthy weight

Excess weight is one of the things that put excessive pressure on your lower back causing injuries to your spine and therefore leading to a herniated disc.  However, if you maintain a healthy weight you can reduce the risk of getting a herniated disc.

  •  Improve your posture

The other way you can prevent a herniated disc is by practicing good posture as you said, sleep, walk and stand.  Good posture always reduces the strain on the spine and thereby keeps it strong.

  • Exercise regularly

Exercising can also help you reduce the risk of getting a herniated disc especially when you focus on workouts which are meant for strengthening the abdomen and the back muscles that are responsible for supporting the spine.

Now that you understand the causes of a herniated disc as well as their prevention measures you are out of the dark.  Thereby make sure that you do all you can to reduce your   risk of getting this condition by all means.  However if you are already experiencing a herniated disc you should seek medical attention.

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