Effects of an Emergency Stretcher on Ease and Safety

Emergency departments of various hospitals frequently use emergency stretcher to transport patients. Important considerations for patients and staff are the comfort and safety of an emergency stretcher.

One of the crucial qualities of emergency departments is patient satisfaction. And one of the factors that potentially provide comfort to patients as they are transported from an ambulance to an emergency department is the type of emergency used.

Patient safety while being transported from point A to point B is always of paramount importance.  Ease of use and safety are the top factors when it comes to choosing the best emergency stretcher.

Foldable Emergency Stretcher

Steep staircases and narrow openings are often the top issues EMTs have to contend with during emergencies. The foldable emergency stretcher with non-slip hand grips, lightweight, and built-in restraints for the leg, chest, and hip make it excellent equipment during emergencies.

Compact storage is achieved with the foldable qualities of the foldable emergency stretcher. The vinyl-coated, heavy-duty, and flame-resistant nylon of the foldable emergency stretcher prevents body fluids and blood from penetrating its surface. This great feature also makes the stretcher easy to wash, clean, and disinfect every single time.

The built-in resistant straps for leg, hip, and chest ensure patient safety as he/she is transported. Manoeuvring the patient is quick and easy with the six carrying handles of the stretcher.

 Basket Emergency Stretcher

A 2500-lb strength rating is provided by the stainless-steel frame and single-plane sliding surface of the basket emergency stretcher. Varied options for securing the safety of the patient is provided by the exposed polyethylene shell attached to the secondary rail. Handling becomes easier with the numerous sections of exposed rail and grip is made comfortable by the 7/8 inch tubing. The closed-cell foam of the mattress prevents blood and fluids to penetrate. Cleaning is easier when the tough material of the mattress can withstand the harshest cleaning detergents and solutions.

Patient safety and comfort are provided by the adjustable straps. Safe handling is guaranteed in any situation and terrain with the flexibility and durability provided by the basket emergency stretcher.

Scoop Emergency Stretcher

Lifting or rolling a patient on the stretcher is avoided by using a scoop emergency stretcher. Performing an X-ray of the patient while attached to the stretcher is easier with the opening in the centre feature of the stretcher. The adjustable length and the aluminium body of the stretcher make it a piece of excellent lightweight equipment to use during emergencies. Compact storage is achieved with the foldable feature of the scoop emergency stretcher.

Spine Board Emergency Stretcher

When the emergency rescue involves bodies of water, the spine board emergency stretcher comes in handy. The buoyancy of the durable plastic material of the stretcher makes it a must-have during flood or sea mishap emergencies.

Lightweight Folding Emergency Stretcher

Emergencies in the workplace can be quickly transported to the nearest emergency facility by using the lightweight folding emergency stretcher. Easy storage is provided by the foldable feature of this stretcher.

An emergency stretcher is the handiest piece of equipment to have and to use during emergencies. Patient comfort and safety are ensured by using the proper kind of emergency stretcher. Contact us at selectpatientcare.com.au to know more about other types of emergency stretchers.

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